How to Take Over a New Location

Congratulations! You have a new vending location to service! There are several things you should do to ensure that things go smoothly. Here’s a guide of things to do and think about through the process.

Important steps with your new client:

  1. Most importantly, meet with the new location’s management. Introduce yourself, give them your business card or contact information. This way they know who to call when/if something goes wrong.
  2. Get the business owner to sign a new location agreement/contract right away. This is important as it lays out the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It also can explain the process by which any commission is paid.
    1. Dont already have a contract to use? No problem! use our contract generator tool here.
  3. Provide the location management a list of your standard snacks and drinks. Allow them to customize the machine further with the items they want as it will help drive more sales to your machines. Be transparent about your pricing on that sheet. It helps avoid issues down the road.
  4. Verify and document the business hours of the location and ask if there are specific times of the week or day that you should avoid coming to service the machine(s).


Important steps to take with the machines.

  1. Change the locks on the machines to match your master key. 
    1. Dont have your own set of matching locks? Buy several of the same key number through a vending parts distributor like
  2. Update the signage on the machine to show your business as the owner and your contact information on it.
  3. Update the pricing on any of the products if necessary.
  4. Make sure the coin mechanism is properly loaded full of change.
  5. Get an accurate inventory of the products in the machine(s) and log it in your vending management system.
    1. Dont know what a vending management system is? Its an online software that allows you to manage your vending machines and maximize their efficiency. This software is a huge cost saver and helps maintain order with your accounting and servicing of the machines.

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